Friday, March 4, 2016

Iloilo Ancestral Home: Marquez Lim Mansion

The newly restored Marquez Lim mansion at 11 Mapa Street, Iloilo City (beside Sta. Maria Church)

The Marquez Lim mansion was inherited by former Senator Nikki Coseteng from her mother Alicia Guanco Marquez Lim. She is the fifth generation of Marquez Lim to have inherited the house.

Coseteng earlier told media that the house restoration was made by Marcelo Alonzo, a Manila-based interior designer. The old glass blocks, tiles and all portions of the house which reflects its antiquity are being restored. Even the old faucets were rechromed. The house was also repainted with olive green to look livelier. Before it looks like a white house.Coseteng said she wants to share the house with everyone as part of Iloilo's rich heritage. She said the Marquez Lim ancestral house has a lot of stories to tell.

She said the house was built in the mid 30s by her great grandfather Pedro Marquez Lim and great grandmother Concordia. It used to be a wooden house. It was destroyed during the Japanese regime and was rebuilt after the war.

The heiress said she wants to restore the house and wants to see the house stand as close as possible to the grand old days. The house served as venue for her parents' wedding reception after they made their marital vows at the San Jose Parish Church.

The late Juanita Marquez Lim Gokongwei, daughter of pre-war Iloilo Chinese community leader Pedro Marquez Lim, was the widowed mother who raised business genius John Gokongwei, Jr. and successful brothers like James Go when their father died young. I heard stories from Chinese community elders that she was an outstanding mother.



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