Wednesday, February 10, 1999

Top 7: Fountains in Iloilo

One of the best structures build in every places is fountain. Water element is very vital in every landscape. That's why fountains are common because it's an additional attraction for everyone.

In Iloilo, fountains can be found every wehre. There are small and some are humongous  but it truly a plus factor for a visitor.   Below are the top 7 fountains found in Iloilo which I really - really like!  If you think there are additional or better fountains than these which can be found in Iloilo feel free to send and it over here. It may influence me to update this blog of mine.


No1:  Arroyo Fountain
Located at Iznart St., Iloilo city in front of Old Capitol Building, Arroyo Fountain is my number on the list.  This is one of the symbols of Iloilo. FYI: this is also the kilometer zero ("0") in the island of Panay. Originally these women statue were built nude.

No2:  Robinsons Mall Fountain
Fountain is the trademark of Robinsons Mall all over the Philippines.  All fountains are such an alluring to watch. That's why I place this at the second spot.  This fountain is located inside the mall and most shoppers set around the fountain area watching how the water goes up in a full force manner. 

No3:  Pototan Plaza Fountain

No4:  Capitol Fountain

No5:  Plazuela de Iloilo Fountain
Plazuela de Iloilo is one of the iconic buildings in the city. It's fountain in the "entrada" is very catchy because of the dolphins which made the fountain different.  The lights attached in the structure added impact because it's colorful and bright. Right now this is one of the most picturesque fountain in terms of location.

No6:  Punta Villa
No7:  Grand Dame Hotel

photo credits:
     vernan jagunap
     nomadic experiences


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