Thursday, July 30, 1998

Iloilo City & Province Reviews

Iloilo Reviews
"Schools everywhere. Schools in every street. College kids everywhere. Nice to see this, actually. A place where education matters a lot. No wonder some of the Ilonggos I know are the most cultured and most sensible (Professors Litan and Santos, plus, well, the Lopezes and the Sarabias)". ~ The Western Visayas Megapost, Part Deux: Hello Iloilo @ June 31, 2011

"Constructed originally as a bike road or an alternative route to ease vehicular traffic in the city, the boulevard has evolved to become a fitness avenue for walkers, joggers, runners, and the like.  It has also attracted photography enthusiasts — as the promenade makes a great spot for viewing the sunset and the city’s growing skyline. " ~ Walking the Walk at Treñas Boulevard  ~ @ June 05, 2011

"Having been to Passi when it just became a city a little over ten years ago has placed me in a privileged position to say that Passi has gone a long way in transforming herself from a rural and slow economic zone into an urban and bustling one." ~ Foot and Fire : A Tavel Blog


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