Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why Millions of Filipinos Love Mang Inasal

By GeneralHowitzer

Barbecue, BBQ or inasal,no matter how you call this treats, it is a big hit in Mang Inasal in the Philippines...

(Author’s suggestion: For first-time visitors in the Philippines I suggest that you try a dining place which is the Mang Inasal to have a sizeable overview of the country’s culture and tradition especially when it comes to the foods the people here loves to eat. By the way the “Ilonggo” word “inasal” means barbecue)

Tracings its humble roots in the province of Iloilo, Philippines, the home of “Ilonggos”, the Mang Inasal have grown into a well-respected and well-visited dining place in the country. Mang Inasal offers Filipino cuisine whipped up with delectable and flavorful herbs, spices and ingredients that elevated the people’s dining experience to the new heights, that is, coming up with strings of foods that no one can resist.

Mang Inasal parades mouthwatering foods peppered with Filipinos’ novelty, creativity and enormous passion for fine dining like grilling with charcoal, using bamboo sticks as skewers, rice wrapped in banana leaves and marinade which is an amalgam of local herbs and spices. The ambience is also very inviting as it entices the Filipinos to eat with their hands as they feast on a hearty and scrumptious meal like the chicken Inasal. All these factors makes Mang Inasal basks on their success and spur further the Filipinos growing interests on their long lost culture and tradition at least on an excellent cuisine.

Yes, Mang Inasal is home to a 100% Filipino barbecue and the people who had taken a meal here will say with zest and gusto that Mang Inasal is truly “The Original and the Best”.
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The appetizing chicken barbecue...
What's inside Mang Inasal...
The people truly enjoy the foods served to them and shows with this pic...
Here are some reasons why Filipinos love Mang Inasal:

The tender grilled chicken barbecue is so juicy that it leaves wonderful concoctions of flavors in the mouth.

The beef and milkfish (“bangus”) served here are truly irresistible as its sourness can stimulates the nerves.

A myriad of spices such as chicken oil, chicken-soy sauce and vinegar, to name a few, combines perfectly together to satiate your cravings and caprices for a tasty meal.

Mang Inasal serves only the great tasting foods that every Filipinos will surely enjoy and make them feel at home.

And how about the genius concept of having unlimited rice to a flavorsome meal, well this makes eating at Mang Inasal truly interesting, enjoying and satisfying. At Mang Inasal you can have as many servings of rice as you can without worrying about the extra cost. Hehehe, I usually eat three (3) to four (4) servings of rice with my chicken barbecue, and wow, I always have a great feeling every time I’m done with my eating spree.

Mang Inasal doesn’t only make your tongue feel happy and wonderful it also fills your tummy very well. The price of each order here too is not only affordable; the price can be considered as a steal, too. If you feel like you can feast on 3 or more servings of rice… Go ahead!

How about the bottomless Iced tea anyone? Once you are done with your eating frenzy why not try the bottomless iced tea which is a perfect complement to chicken inasal.

Once you are done eating you can also hang around for a while and have a conversation with your companions about anything under the sun while enjoying a very Filipino ambience.

There is a rush of Mang Inasal madness taking shape all over the country and why not the meals served here are tempting and full of flavors. Ah, can’t wait to have another serving of chicken inasal.


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