Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why Celebrate with Kasadyahan in Dinagyang?

When celebrating the Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo Province, the Kasadyahan Festival is one of the most important components of the festival. This particular event highlights the realistic history and culture of the Ilonggos. Countless of folks from different places devote their time to visit the city to witness the stunning, interesting and appealing performances of the participants each year. During this event, people may be able to witness beautiful and entertaining cultural shows depicting the ancient people cultures in Iloilo. Many tourists can likewise adore the distinctive delicacies in this province because the government of Iloilo has prepared numerous feasts for all the people attending the festival.

The Kasadyahan Festival this year is held on January 22 and Iloilo definitely expect thousands of tourists to visit the historical city. People from all over the Philippines as well as abroad travel here by plane or by means of the roll-on roll-off (RORO) vessels going to port of Iloilo. When reaching the venue, thousands of people are walking in every corner of the streets in the city while enjoying the many souvenir stores, food outlets and mini concerts at the same time.

People who are curious about the meaningful history and cultures of the Ilonggos, spending time witnessing the Kasadyahan Festival truly is remarkable. The dance performances at this special event this year features some of the participating tribes including Lambunao’s Tribu Binanog, Banate’s Tribu Kasag, Barotac Viejo’s Tribu Patubas, Zarraga’s Tribu Pantat, Cabatuan’s Tribu Tinuom and Maasin’s Tribu Tultugan.

There are also first timer participants, which include Badiangan’s Tribu Pandayan, Alimodian’s Tribu Kagayunon and Barotac Nuevo’s Tribu Hiliusa. These participants are actually winners in their respective feasts in the different town of Iloilo.

The conceptualization of the Kasadyahan Festival began in late 1900s, as the neighboring residents and the government of Iloilo are aiming to advertise the history and culture of the place. Several private businesses, dance organizations, non-profiting groups in the province are supporting this event. Of course, there are prices awaiting those winners to be given on the awarding ceremony. One good reason to have an effort to spend time in Ilolilo City during this event is the affordability of the expenses also. It is not important to spend much money here while enjoying the remarkable showdowns of the dance groups.


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